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For optimum customer service, purchases are best placed telephonically (call us!!).

Not only does this add to your security, it also allows us to answer many of your questions.


Or, use our order form below. Once shipping is calculated, we'll contact you with your total.


Before You Order

We go through our inventory rather quickly so call to check if we have your item in stock at the time of your order.


Call us if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you with the selection of our parts. To receive a quote you will have to call, 406 642-9835.


Returning customers in good standing do not have to wait for their check to arrive. Their parts will ship immediately. If you are in a hurry for your parts we will do our best if you contact us (406 642-9835) first.

All invoices are emailed.

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Please feel free to use our order form below. Once shipping charges have been calculated, we will email you an invoice and after we have received your check or Postal money order for payment, your order will be shipped.


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IMPORTANT - If you have not heard back from us within 48 hours of submitting your order, please call us to be sure that we received your order! 406-642-9835


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Everything is shipped via United States Postal Service - Three-Day Priority Mail (This saves you about 25%.)

Shipping charges are actual shipping costs.

We do not make money on shipping.


We ship our aluminum mouldings in PVC pipe.

8' PVC tubes are $11.00 each.

4' and 5' PVC tubes are $8.00 each.


UPS and FedEx are also available upon request.


Due to Customs in Foreign Countries, shipments outside of the Continental United States are sometimes delayed.


Pre-Payment with a Personal Check or Postal Money Order.




Nothing fancy, just call us first!


There are no restocking charges.


There are no refunds on wood products or vintage parts.


We do not refund shipping costs.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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