The Cab - First Stage of Teardrop Trailer Assembly

All The Wood Components

The assembly of the wood kit is pretty straight forward. We cut all the wood for you from our own patterns. Selected Birch plywood is used for the sides and some of the kitchen. After coating the wood with sealer you're ready to put it all together. To view larger versions of the images below, click on them.

Ken-Skill Cab Kit


Every piece of wood that you need has been pre-cut from hand-selected Birch plywood.


KSWK-CO 4' x 10'




Crating charges apply when shipped.


Pre-assembled cabinets are available.

KIT Cab Kit


Hand-selected Birch plywood. Fewer cabinets make this a light-weight, simpler trailer to construct. This trailer is easily pulled behind most four-cylinder vehicles.


KITWK-CO 4' x 8'




Crating charges apply when shipped.